The Edge of War

The Campaign

The intention of this campaign is to do a semi-episodic style story, taking inspiration from Deep Space 9 and (obviously) the Robotech anime. The focus of the story will be on a unit of Marine Expeditionary Force members and volunteers, dealing with their life on the station and the dangers of their missions in both enemy and allied territory.

The Setting

The Style of the world will be an expansion and parallel of the Robotech setting, but it won't be a purist version, so let's look at what will be different.

Campaign Structure

The campaign will exist in two states, ultimately: station-based, and mission-based. Sessions set on the station will be in a more World of Darkness style, focusing on character connections, mysteries, and more personal stories (more on that in a moment). Mission-based sessions will take place, largely, planet-side, and will focus on military actions such as reconnaissance and military strikes. 


On the Station, some sessions will be Spotlight Sessions: a focus on a single character, or pair of characters, in order to advance their stories more directly. During these sessions, other characters will be treated as background and support characters, similar to NPCs. 



Firmament's Edge